Are you playing the piano properly?

- Good technique allows for the most beautiful, smooth and rich tone - 

Playing the piano with good technique is so often overlooked. The reality is, poor technique will limit your abilities as a pianist. Good technique should be introduced from day one, and it should be reinforced in class and during practice at home. 

Good technique will strengthen your hands and allow you to tackled more difficult skills. It  also allows for the most beautiful smooth and rich tone. Equally as important, poor technique can lead to injury and chronic neck, back and shoulder issues. Playing with good technique is so much more than the shape of a pianist's hand. It is a full body experience that needs to be adjusted and corrected continuously. 

I've put together a simple checklist for pianists and parents to use during practice time. It doesn't matter how experienced you are!  We all need a little reminder on how to better ourselves from time to time.


Technique check list for piano WCMS