How to stay ahead: Being a super mum & entrepreneur extraordinaire


This week I had the pleasure of catching up with Barb Gucwa- the founder of My Little Owl. It was such a brilliant opportunity to chat about all things motherhood and how it can impact your life as a business owner. Barb has some amazing tips for keeping on top of it all and I can't wait to share them with you!

My Little Owl provides a beautiful range of Australian-designed-and-made blankets for Babies and Toddlers. Their goal is to help babies feel comfortable, loved and cosy, and to bring spark to every nursery.  Barbs passion for her community of mums and mums-to-be is palpable when she begins talking about My Little Owl. It became quickly evident that she has found her life's purpose - inspiring and educating mothers so they can be the best version of themselves.
WCMS: What is it that drew you to creating a product for babies and toddlers?
BARB: I've been working in a corporate world full time for years, then l I had my son, Stan, and a lot of things changed. I wanted to be able to spend more time with him and decided to pursue my creative passion. 
Stanley was born long after his due date and we've had problems with his skin which was extremely dry/sensitive. I was looking for a blanket for him at that time but could not find one that would be soft enough and beautiful at the same time. And this is how My Little Owl came to life. 
What has been your biggest challenge in being a full time mum and running a business?
Being a new first time Mum is not an easy gig. Add the biz to the mix and it can become overwhelming. My biggest challenge is TIME - or the lack of it!  I’ve had (still have) some tough moments but through my experience I've learned you should not be too tough on yourself. 
When it all gets too much, I stop what I’m doing and just focus on my breathing. I close my eyes and remind myself what the reason behind what I do is (I’ve read a very good book which helped me to get a new perspective – Oprah’s 'What I know for sure'). I also plan my daily activities to be as productive with my time as I can and to be able to focus on Stanley when we spend time together. I also set yearly, monthly and weekly goals for My Little Owl and myself and track how I am going with these every week (if not every day). 
How do you create ‘me time’ during your busy schedule?
As Mums, we usually put everyone’s needs ahead of ours. It’s how we’re  wired by nature I guess. We give our 100% and forget about ‘us’. I realized that when I don’t give myself a break from time to time, everyone suffers, including me. That’s why I put conscious effort into taking time out just for myself. Half an hour a day, when I do what makes ME happy - read a book, take a bath, go for a walk -  it makes a huge difference. I think a mum should never feel guilty about taking some ‘her’ time. Our mind and body needs it.
What are your top tips for mums out there who are wanting to take the dive and start working for themselves?
I would say go out and do it. No one else will do it for you. You can start small and test your idea first, before you go all in, but don’t over-analyse it, just start. 
I would also say it’s important to set goals early on, so you’re know where you’re going.

I absolutely adored Barb's passion for what she does! If you would like to get some more insight into her amazing journey, or would like to tap into her community resources, you can find her on Facebook or head over to My Little Owl's website!

Kathryn x

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