Top Tips for Keeping your Home Tip Top!


Getting the most out of your house when its full of family members can be extremely challenging! This week we had a chat with the director of Mi Casa Property Boutique, Susan Lam, to squeeze all the information we could from her! We looked at her top tips for creating the perfect home environment, how to maximise the function of your space and touched on some interesting points when it comes to keeping your house 'show-home' ready. 

Susan has worked closely with Mi Casa's two other directors for the last 5 years. They created Mi Casa because they wanted to offer their clients a high quality and personalised approach to real estate that had a strong community feel. To give back to the community, Mi Casa donates up to $500.00 from each sale matched with their Look Forward; Give Back Program. 


WCMS: What are your top tips for creating the perfect homely environment?

Susan: A few cushions, a new rug and some colour in the garden……This does not have to be an expensive process it may just be showcasing a few existing key items and hiding un-necessary clutter. We often say less is more! We are lucky to have three in-house stylists at Mi Casa Property Boutique, our stylists work closely with sellers and landlords to offer welcoming environments….


Over the years, what are some interesting uses of space have you seen when it comes to creating child-friendly zones?

In most properties space is of the essence! We are seeing a lot more versatility with spaces being multi-purpose….. in this instance storage and floor area optimisation is the key. We will often see a study combined with a spare bedroom and a playroom, having areas that can be folded or tucked away to create room for another purpose is a great idea….. kids chairs/ beds and storage nets that can be hung from the ceiling can create a floating space and keep clutter and toys off the floor!


Do you have any tips for busy parents when it comes to keeping their home 'show-home ready' during the selling process?

Try to eliminate as many non-essential items from the home during this time. Less stuff means less mess…. The trick is often getting to the first home open as two of us have young families ourselves  and we know firsthand how overwhelming this can be and this is why we offer access to baby-sitters, de-cluttering experts and stylists to help you.

What would you recommend that busy parents keep in mind when looking for the ideal house?

It is really important to look at the opportunity in a potential home……. A property on the market may not tick 10 out of the 10 boxes. But if it ticks 7 or 8 and has potential for future renovations it may be the property for you. It may also a good idea to put off any renovations until kids are a little older so they don’t destroy them…. We speak from experience on this one! #whydidibotherpaintingthosewalls


We loved having the opportunity to pick Susan's brain about all things houses!

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