The Beauty of Drumming Circles

I have been extremely drawn to the idea of creating a drumming circle for some time now. I'm not sure what it is that caused this much intrigue... maybe it was the neatly filed away memories of being exposed to the beauties of African Drumming from when I still lived in South Africa. 

There is something so grounding about feeling the pounding of a beat that vibrates through your heart while listening to a group drumming. However, being apart of that group of takes this experience to the next level! 

I always felt so calm and relaxed after watching a drumming performance, and I wondered why that was. So, I started doing some research into the benefits of drumming, and what I discovered was incredibly beautiful!


The positive effects drumming has on the mind and body have been well researched & documented. They are vast and powerful. Some of my favourite benefits include:

  • Reduces anxiety, stress & tension;
  • Can boost your immune system;
  • Assists in dealing with trauma and negative emotions;
  • Induces relaxation and reduces blood pressure as a result;
  • Creates a sense of connectedness & community;
  • Provides a fun platform to practice mindfulness.

I found that thoroughly researching the benefits of drumming really cemented how passionate I was about creating this for the wider community... 


I sat down with our drums teacher, Lachlan, to create a a workshop that would bring this vision to life! I always knew Lachlan would be the right guy for the job! After all, his introduction to drumming was the Djembe, taught to him by an African Shaman!

After weeks of careful planning, we had created the outline for not one, but two drumming circle workshops - one for kids and one for big kids & adults! Each workshop was developed on the principal of uniting technique, mindfulness, fun & teamwork. It may sound easy, but there's a real trick to getting 10+ bodies in rhythm with one another. 

I can't wait to launch these workshops on the 21st and the 28th of May! They're sure to be an absolute hoot! You can learn more about them by clicking on the tiles below!

Kathryn x