3 Ways To Nurture Your Child's Creativity

Creative minds are great at ‘thinking outside the box’!

3 Ways to Nurture your Child's Creativity

When you get down to the core of it, creativity is all about problem solving and critical thinking. It’s about looking at something from all sorts of different angles and interpreting what it all means.

Here are 3 simple ways you can encourage creative thinking in your child:


This is a pretty obvious one, but encouraging your child to take part in the creative arts is a sure-fire way to get those creative thinking pathways developed. Our favourite creative art is music, but there is also drawing, painting, acting, dancing etc. All of these activities require your child to start broadening how they interpret different pieces of information.


Asking questions is a great way outside of the creative arts to encourage creative development. The point of these questions to go beyond the obvious answers, so questions such as “What if…” or “What could be done to improve…” or “How would you do it differently?”.


A great way to encourage creative thinking is to challenge thinking with ‘everyday’ items. For example, encourage your child to come up with as many different uses for a spoon as they can, or provide them with some random items and encourage them to make something useful out of them. 


Creativity, problem solving and critical thinking go hand in hand. Encouraging your child to think outside the box, and for them to learn that there is always more than one solution to any problem is the best way to nurture their creativity.

Kathryn RaatsComment