Top tips for Mums-to-be: Get ready & feel prepared!


This week we caught up with the founder and director of MamaBags! 

Leila Burrows founded Mamabags with the goal to touch the hearts of all expectant parents so they have more time to spend with loved ones! We love Leila's passion for simplifying the lives of busy parents and expecting parents, so we caught up with her to have a chat and get some insight into life as a new mum!



WCMS: Can you tell us a little bit more about exactly what MamaBags does?

Leila: I designed MamaBags to give expectant parents one less thing to worry about when preparing for the arrival of their child. By providing them with a complete hospital bag - including our exclusive designer MamaBag; they will be ready when the time comes! 

What are your top tips for expecting mums - especially those about to have their first baby?

  1. My number one tip would be: Don't over overboard with buying clothes! You will probably get a lot of them from your baby shower, plus bub will grow out of them really quickly.
  2. Create a to-do list and keep it on your fridge. When people come to visit you after you've had bub and ask if you need any help, send them to the fridge and ask them if they would be able to help with one of those tasks.
  3. Food prep is key. Start cooking and freezing meals as soon as possible. That way, once bub is home and ready to move onto solids, you won't have to worry about making something every time its meal time.

What are your top tips for the partners of expecting mums?

  1. BEFORE the big day: Be proactive by getting involved with the whole process (your partner will love you for it!). Attend checkups, go baby shopping for all the big items (such as cot and pram), and attend antenatal classes with her. You will probably remember a lot more than she will - baby brain is REAL!
  2. DURING the big day: Reassure and support her as she needs.
  3. AFTER the big day: Especially during the first month, take turns in looking after your little one. This means feeding, changing nappies and playing with them. This is super important so that you can both get some sleep!

How would you recommend parents incorporate music during their pregnancy and after the birth of their little one?

When I was pregnant, I used to listen to music ALL the time! I especially loved having it blaring in the car and singing at the top of my lungs! Since my son was born, I always have nursery rhymes and educational music playing in the car or during our day to day activities at home. It is one of the best feelings in the world when your hear your child singing for the first time without you prompting them to!

What are some of your go to activities that you would recommend to new parents?

  1. Read, read, read to your little one! Its never to early to start!
  2. Try go for a walk once a day. The fresh air will boost your energy levels and it will get you out of the house and into different environments. 
  3. Try looking at something productive like Gymbaroo. This is a great way for both parents and grandparents to meet other people who are going through the same things as you. I went there with my son when he was a bub. I made quite a few friends there as we all have children around the same age. 

Well there you have it! A huge thank you to Leila for her insight into life with a newborn baby and for sharing her tips on how to prepare for this lifestyle shift. We know how challenging it can be, and having access to good information and support is a top priority!

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