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Watch Your Child's Confidence Blossom With Music

See the beautiful moment your child finds their inner confidence and grabs ahold of their self-esteem. Watch the joy that enters their life as they find a way to positively channel and regulate their emotions with music. 

Experience the bliss of having a teacher that understand's that your child has a unique learning style that they respond to, and rejoice when your child starts to glow because they aren't expected to respond to that old 'cookie-cutter' approach to music lessons.

WCMS offers Private Music Lessons to children as young as 3 years old, ensuring your child receives the undivided attention of their teacher for their full lesson. This allows for your teacher to fully support your child's skills development and tailor their music journey based on their needs, goals and dreams!

If you would like to explore group music options, drumming circles, choir, music theatre & music composition classes are a great way explore music in a community setting!



Let music lessons be accessible to you and your family. Choose one the locations below to explore what lessons are available at your closest studio:

We are very happy with the quality of teaching provided by the West Coast Music School. Our boys have made excellent progress with the piano and continue to thoroughly enjoy their lessons!
— Zoe B

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