What’s and Exploration Journey?

The PERFECT no-obligation Taste-tester.

3 half-hour private lessons had over 3 weeks for $99.00

An exploration journey provides you with the perfect opportunity to 'try things out' before deciding if you want to have regular lessons. If you're a parent, watch your child's confidence begin to grow as their teacher uses your child's learning style, goals and aspirations to guide them. If you're an adult student, get ready to feel this for yourself!


Your Exploration Journey Lesson Options

Exploration Journey's are available for children and adults at all of our studios and even in your own home! To explore each instrument in more depth, click on the images below:


Find Your Confidence With Music

Music helps you find your happiest, most confident self.

From the moment you start on your tailored music journey,  you open yourself up to a path of being the best version of yourself. You will begin to feel your inner-confidence grow and your self-esteem blossom, and your ability to critically think and problem solve will follow closely - all helping you to reach your potential on so many levels!

Watch Ella's story to see how music changed her life!



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