3 music myths that may have been fooling you for years

There are quite a few pre-conceived ideas about music and musicality floating around. Some of these ideas hit the nail on the head, however there are a few out there that really miss the mark!


1.  Being musical is associated with being a well trained classical musician

This is one of my all-time favourite doozies. Being musical has absolutely nothing to do your skills as a musician. In fact, musicality is so deeply personal and unique to each individual that this myth has absolutely no merit at all.

Musicality is a spectrum, and everyone falls on it somewhere. For some, the extent of their musicality is having a connection with a certain type of music that creates a positive emotional outlet and a place of reflection and relaxation. For other's their musicality extends to playing Mozart perfectly or being the king of trills and arpeggios.

At the end of the day, musicality is about the feeling and connection you have with music on our own level. 


2. Music is 100% creative

Another falsie here, I'm afraid. Music is so multifaceted. Yes, creativity is a huge aspect of music, but did you know that mathematics is equally as intertwined throughout it? Thats right, maths... the complete opposite of creativity. Music is so beautifully numerically balanced. This is one of he reasons why music is known to help people with their academic abilities. It exposes the musician to mathematical conundrums in a way that their brain is wired to understand. 


3. Musical ability cannot be taught

Believe me when I say that musical ability can be taught! As I said before, musicality is a spectrum and everyone (including you!) falls on it somewhere. Its about harnessing your inner connection with music and using that to fire you music journey. On top of this, I firmly believe that if a teacher is able to adapt their approach based on their student's unique learning style, there really should be very minimal boundaries in developing one's musical ability (if the student has embraced their music journey with open arms, that is!)

So which of these little music myths has been pulling the wool over your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

Kathryn RaatsComment